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What is lace bite? Lace or Skate Bite is a pain or pressure, usually sharp, that runs from the shin area across the top of your foot, to your toes. It can happen to all athletes who require laced footwear for their sport. It especially causes problems to those who must wear skates or cleats (hockey players, figure skaters, soccer, baseball, football players, and runners. Product Solution: Bungapads Lace Bite Pad.

This severe irritation on athlete's feet that is caused when the pressure of tightened laces causes swelling, a rash, blisters or other irritation on the feet.

Clinically its considered an aggravation of the extensor hallucis longus tendon. This tendon attaches the muscle running down your lower leg to your big toe. The Extensor hallucis longus is a thin muscle, situated between the Tibialis anterior and the Extensor digitorum longus, that functions to extend the big toe and dorsiflex the foot, and assists with foot eversion and inversion.

 Extensor Tendon - Lace Bite

Lace bite causes a sharp painful sensation throughout the foot. It is particularly common with new skates, particularly if they are stiff or rigid. This injury can be so painful that an athlete cannot imagine playing or practicing. There is no reason to throw out your expensive skates or other footwear....siimply use a Bungapads Lace Bite Pad.