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The Bunga Removable Knee Pad™ is part of our Crash Wear line, and features (3) cushioned areas; (2) to cushion the patellar region, and one on the outer lateral side of the knee. Also uses medical quality Velcro(tm). Sold Individually.

Bunga Elbow Pads are designed to lessen impact from a fall on your elbows. This unique product is a Neoprene Sleeve with Hi-Tech Padding. This is unlike any other elbow pad.

 Product Description

The New, USA Made, Bunga Impact Protection System is used to lessen impact to your butt, hips and back caused by falling. The shorts contain 5 independent pockets for insertion of the 5 independent light weight, yet high-impact reducing shock absorbers. The shorts are removable without removing your skates or other footwear. How? We incorporate a top-of-the-line, USA Made, full length, flexible zipper with a locking zipper pull on each leg. This allows removal of the short without removing your footwear.

Bunga Crash Pads are composed of high quality impact protection material which is encased in a water resistant cover. These pads are free floating pads that can be placed under your garment, skating dress, short, etc.

Product Description

The Bunga Impact Protection - Thigh Pads are an additional pad used in conjunction with the Bunga Impact Protection System (Product Code: BIPS). These pads provide padding to the outside thigh area of each leg. Come in a set of two. It is necessary to purchase the Bunga Impact Protection System in order to purchase these pads.

The Bunga Knee Pad Sleeve™ is part of the Bunga Crashwear family of products. It is made with a 1/8" latex-free neoprene sleeve with nylon on two sides. Use for impact protection for patella and condyles and epiphysis protection. This particular knee is a 13" sleeve which you slide onto your leg. The anterior pad enclosure encloses a poron pads that cover knee cap and tibial tubercle area for extra protection. This two piece, graduated contoured pad hinges at the patella for extra comfort. The neoprene sleeve also increase circulation and warmth. The neoprene sleeve also provides compression without constriction thus reducing swelling.


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