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* Prevent Heel Bumps

* Prevents Heel Blisters

* Protects Heel Area 

* Reduce Pressure

* Reduce Rubbing

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Product Description

The Bunga Achilles' Healpad is a trademarked gel pad that is used to reduce and absorb shock, vibration, pressure and rubbing from the back of your heel and Achilles' tendon. It is great for bumps that occur on the back of your heel, sometimes referred to a Baeur Bump, Pump Bump, and Hagelunds' heel.

Unit of Measure and Fit Guide

Sold individually. This product fits right or left feet.


The Bunga Achilles' Healpad comes in two sizes, small and large. Please see the chart below to determine the closest fit for your foot.

Sizing Chart

U.S.A. Europe Japan
Women 7 37½ 23
Men 37½ 23½
Women 13 40 25
Men 12 40 25½

Gel Padding Features BP

100% Medical Grade Quality :
Blister Free :
Bunga High-Tek Sleeving™ :
Bunga Silicone Gels™ :
Dermatologist Tested :
Hypo-allergenic :
Light weight, High Tech Elastic Sleeve :
Medical Grade BM Visco Elastic Gel™ :
Sizes Available :
Washable & Reusable :

Bunga Gel Blister Cushion™ is used to stop shear force, pressure, shock and vibration. It helps to prevent blisters and pressure injuries. Sold individually. Shown with adhesive backing.

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5" Length

The Bunga Ankle Sleeve™ is the original and best gel-lined ankle protection device. It is used by athletes, both professional and amateur worldwide. Do not settle for less...only accept Bungapads. This is a fantastic solution for all skaters, whether hockey, figure, roller or inline. One Per Package.

Minimum quantity for "Absolute Athletics Bunga Pad 5" Ankle Sleeve" is 1.


The Bunga Malleolar Sleeve has two gel cushions placed to pad the ankle bones.This product is sold individually.

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The Bunga Lace Bite Preventer™ has a rectangular gel pad attached to a thin, elastic sleeve which reduces pressure, shock and vibration from the shin to the top of the foot. Sold Individually.
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The Bunga "Boot Bumper" is a combination pad, consisting of the Lace Bite and Achilles Heel Gel pads, molded inside an elastic lining to protect the front and back of the foot. Sold individually.
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Product Description

The Bunga™ Skater's Kit™ includes (2) 2.5" gel discs, (2) 5 in. Ankle gel sleeves and (1) the latest new style Bunga™ Box. translucent style Bunga™ Box.

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The Bunga Hockey Box™ comes with 2 Lace Bite pads of your choice, small or large and one custom Bunga Box (Picture Shown is for Illustration purposes only). Perfect for those suffering from lace bite. You may purchase the Individual Items in the kit separately in the meantime. Lace Bite Pads (LB-S and LB-L)

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  CODE Ankle Gel Padding Sizes Availability Price  
Bunga Achilles' Healpad
999 item(s)
Bunga Achilles' Healpad
999 item(s)
These are the best for tender heels!
Fantastic Products - just can't live without them. Thanks Bungapads.
My son has developed the "Bauer Bump" 15 months ago. We tried gel pads in the heel of the skate, new skates, and various socks when skating. As my son's feet grow, the bumps enlarge and start to feel painful. We finally purchased these healpad socks. My son complained at first because it felt it was bunching. We told him to just skate. At the end of practice, we asked him about his bumps and the socks. He said he forgot he had them on! He wears them without complaint, and even wants them on when he plays lacrosse. Great product for our need.
Just used them for the first time in my skates and what a difference! They do exactly whats described and are high quality!
I'm going to need surgery eventually. This gives support to the ankle & cushions the big bursses that's developed on the back of the heel. Now I can at least tolerate a shoe onthat heel
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