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Product Description

This Bunga Box is used to carry and protect your Bungapads. It also will help you not lose them. IT is currently available in a durable, translucent, high impact resin material.


The box measure 5 5/8" wide x 3 5/8" deep x 1 1/8" tall

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Product Description

The Bunga™ Skater's Kit™ includes (2) 2.5" gel discs, (2) 5 in. Ankle gel sleeves and (1) the latest new style Bunga™ Box. translucent style Bunga™ Box.

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The Bunga Hockey Box™ comes with 2 Lace Bite pads of your choice, small or large and one custom Bunga Box (Picture Shown is for Illustration purposes only). Perfect for those suffering from lace bite. You may purchase the Individual Items in the kit separately in the meantime. Lace Bite Pads (LB-S and LB-L)

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