New Bunga Impact Protection System

by Ronald Brilliant

Product Information

Absolute Athletics LLC has official released a new and improved Impact Protection System. The new design comes with 3 upper pads. These pads are just 1/2" thin and are inserted into pockets, thus making them removeable. There are two additional thighs for those athletes that wish to protect the thigh area as well. We are in the process of updating the photo which shows the new ultra thin padding. For more information please go to

New Icing Devices

by Ronald Brilliant

Absolute Athletics, LLC has released some new icing devices to keep athletes in the game. Take a look.

Click Here to see some new Cryowear by Absolute Athletics

New Icing Products Coming In December

by Ronald Brilliant
Absolute Athletics is releasing its newly developed Long Term Cold Therapy Units for individual cold therapy...I.C.T.™. This line of products is designed to reduce recovery times and help athletes stay in the game. Sign up for Twitter and become a follower and learn how we can help keep you in the game.

New Bunga Help Desk has launched

by Ronald Brilliant
We have just launched the Bunga Help Desk. Information will begin to fill the knowledge base, questions can be left and answered through our new ticket system. Downloads of product information and guides will be posted. Contact if you wish for us to add content to this that you think is missing, as this website is all about you, the athlete, and keeping you in the games.

Bunga Blog - Figure Skating

by Ronald Brilliant
The Bunga Blog is now open. A figure skating blog is up and we want all you skater's to start blogging. Talk about everything related to figure skating. Competitions, practice tips, anything you can think of that can help all figure skaters stay in the game.

Tweet With Us!

by Ronald Brilliant
Bungapads now on Twitter. Join the Churp. Tell us what you think so we can improve. Tell us what you need so we can keep you in the game.

Bunga Hockey Box

by Ronald Brilliant
The New Bunga Hockey Box product is released. This new product comes wtih two Lace Bite Pads - either small or large and Aluminum Style Case. Available in 1/1/2010. In the meantime see our Hockey Box Promo for the holiday. Purchase 2 lace bite pads of any size and get the Bunga Box at 50% off. Fantastic.

New Bunga Cryowear™

by Ronald Brilliant
Absolute Athletics introduces its new line of Individual Icing Therapy (I.C.T.) pronounced "iced". The first product introduced is the new I.C.T. Knee which is a comfortable wrap designed to hold ice bags in place around the leg and knee. Look for more I.C.T. products in the near future. Call us for details.
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