Hip and Butt

 Product Description

The New, USA Made, Bunga Impact Protection System is used to lessen impact to your butt, hips and back caused by falling. The shorts contain 5 independent pockets for insertion of the 5 independent light weight, yet high-impact reducing shock absorbers. The shorts are removable without removing your skates or other footwear. How? We incorporate a top-of-the-line, USA Made, full length, flexible zipper with a locking zipper pull on each leg. This allows removal of the short without removing your footwear.

Product Description

The Bunga Impact Protection - Thigh Pads are an additional pad used in conjunction with the Bunga Impact Protection System (Product Code: BIPS). These pads provide padding to the outside thigh area of each leg. Come in a set of two. It is necessary to purchase the Bunga Impact Protection System in order to purchase these pads.


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