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Product Description

The Bunga Groin Strap™ is made from 1/4" inch plush-neoprene and is designed to support the groin area. This brace has nylon on two sides and has a 6" contoured band with hook and loop Velcro™ brand closures for adjustable compression. The inside of the brace is lined with Bunga Tiger's Tooth™ material which not only limits movement of the brace but also decreases perspiration under the brace. It will keep you support and increase circulation while keeping the area warm. It offers support without constriction.

Sizing Information

This is a universal size.

Brace Features

Colors Available :
Custom Sizing Available:
Universal Sizing:
Sizes Available:
Non-allergenic :
Washable & Reusable :

Materials Types

1/8" Latex-Free Neoprene:
3/16" Latex-Free Neoprene :
Bunga B-Plush Fabric :
Bunga Koolflex™ :
Bunga Tiger's Tooth™ :

Support the Thigh and Hamstring. Great for helping you through Thigh and Hamstring injuries as well as Quadricep Pulls.

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Minimum quantity for "Bunga Thigh Support [AT1]" is 1.

The New Bunga Groin and Hamstring Stabilizer is designed to help with groin, hamstring and quadricep strains. Its unique design helps the user to recover from these common and debilitating injuries. The product is available in a bilateral (both Legs) or unilateral (Right or Left) designs. The product wears like a one-legged short or the biliateral version wears like a short. It is recommended that the user use a compression garment underneath to help prevent any chance of chaffing or irritation.
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