Bunga Anti-Shock Healweage™ with anti-microbial cover is designed to cushion the foot with its unique waffle pattern. This thin pad is designed to reduce shock and vibration.

Bunga Spur Healwedge™ is designed to pad heel spurs and reduce pain.

High-Tech Hinge, Bunga Straps™, Universal Buttress, Patellar Opening, Bunga Boot Pulls™

The Bunga 17” High Tech Knee Brace™ is made of 3/16” latex-free Bunga Cool Tech material. This is the cooler version of the AKS20 for those who wish to wear their supports for a long period of time, or who have heat or allergy issues with neoprene. This material is 25% cooler than neoprene. This brace material is only available in black.

Bunga Straps™, Patellar Opening
This Bunga Pro Knee Brace is made with Bunga Cool Tech Material and comes with a High Tech adjustable hinge. This hinge is designed with extension and flexion stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°. The brace is designed using 3/16" latex-free neoprene with nylon on both sides. The brace is designed to be opened up and velcroed around the leg. This features also ease of application and avoids the difficulty associated with pulling on a brace. It is ideal for all ages. Large and comfable popliteal area (Opening behind knee). An elastic, adjustable strap has been added to the back of the brace to prevent a tourniquet effect in the popliteal area. On the 13" version of the brace, further support is added by using two adjustable velcro brand 2" "loop and lock" straps immediately above and below the patellar opening.

Bunga Ultra Healwedge is a soft silicone that cushions your heels, knees and back from impact. Can also be used as a lift.

This Bunga Ulta Healcup™ is a dual density mold with a softer red or blue core for extra cushion on the Bursa heel. Made from two grades of biomechanical, medical grade silicone. Sold in Pair.

Bunga Anti-Shock Healweage™ is designed to cushion the foot with its unique waffle pattern. This thin pad is designed to reduce shock and vibration.

The Bunga 6" Cooltech Wrist Support is made of 1/8" latex-free Cooltech material which is coated with nylon on both sides. It includes a hook and loop closure and circumferential strap for support.

The Bunga Groin Strap is made from 1/4" inch neoprene and is designed to support the groin area.

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The Bunga Toe Separators are a thin gel pad which comfortably wedges between the toes to eliminate the discomfort associated with rubbing and chafing. This product is washable and reusable. It is used to lessen shock, vibration, pressure and rubbing. Also, used to cushion and soften corns. For more separation, go with our Bunga Toe Spreaders.

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