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The Bungapads Finger Toe Caps, made of pure silicone gel, will protect the entire finger, toe and their related nails with a comfortable elastic cap. These caps will protect all sides of the finger and toe, as well as the toe or finger nail against injury and bruising. They will help to lessen shock, vibration, rubbing, pinching, and pressure. It will help to reduce the friction which causes blisters and irritation. The cap is made of pure medical grade Silicone with vented tip. It is washable and reusable, hypoallergenic, safe for the skin and made with exquisite care. You could also look at the other ToeTection line of products, including the Bungapads Finger Toe Caps - FTC(Finger Toe Caps fabric shelled product) and the Bungapads Gel Tubing - T (Bungapads Toe Tubing Products)

Quantity Per Package

Sold in packs of 2. (Bulk sales upon request)

Gel Padding Features BP

100% Medical Grade Quality :
Blister Free :
Bunga High-Tek Sleeving™ :
Bunga Silicone Gels™ :
Dermatologist Tested :
Hypo-allergenic :
Light weight, High Tech Elastic Sleeve :
Medical Grade BM Visco Elastic Gel™ :
Sizes Available :
Washable & Reusable :
The Bunga Finger & Toe Caps will protect the entire finger or toe with a comfortable gel line elastic cap. Protects the entire toe and finger, including the nail against injury and bruising. Sold in packs of 2.
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The Bunga Finger & Toe Pads are typically used to cover blister or callouses on the top knuckle of the Fingers and toes. The gel is molded 180 degrees within a 'ring' which is composed of elastic material that comfortably fits around the toes.

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Bunga Gel Tubing™ is lined with gel for finger and toe protection. The Tubing comes in various sizes. The gel reduces shear force, pressure, shock and vibration. Sold Individually.

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