Thanks for your product. I spend about 6 hours a day walking and on my feet in combat boots. These pads have really been life savers.

Once again, thanks and have a good day.

Very respectfully,

B. Scott Austin, MS, CSCS, SCCC, ASCC
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jacksonville State University
The gel sleeve is a great product. I love my Bunga Pads. The Bungas are sometimes more expensive, but the name brand stuff in this industry works the best. I had the xxxxxxx brand sleeve before and after a few months, they just fell apart. After trying to take them back to the pro shop, they recommended Bungas. For only 2 dollars more, I didn't care. The Bungas were wayyyyy better. I've been skating in them for almost a year now. And they still look better than any other thing I seen on the market.
My name is Nancy Severance and I work at Fleet Feet in Sacramento. I wanted to write you to tell you how I love the forefoot pad. Well, I love it. I am a runner that started running when I was around 10 and I am now 60. I competed many years in the 400-800. I went to the Olympic Trials in 1972 in the 800 meters. After I stopped competing I went into Coaching High School XC and Track. I was a K-8 Physical Education teacher for 20 years. So all these years on my feet has taken its toll. I was having trouble with having no fat on the bottom of my feet and had tried layers of spenco and it was not working. I had new orthoics made and it helped but it killed me when I wanted to bike. So I tired these forefoot pads and I sell them to anyone that will listen to me. Many people come in with the same foot pain and I enjoy telling them my story. I probably could use one for my butt!!!! Thanks for listening . Keep up the good work. It really helped me.
Nancy Severance
The Metatarsal Pad definitely does the job that it is intended to do. It's like it was intended just for me. It feels like I am walking on a little pillow.
I have three granddaughters that skate. One of them is always complaining so I did a test with your BungaPads Ankle Sleeve.

Not Telling her I put your Ankle Sleeve on one foot and another MFG's sleeve on the other foot and put on her skates. She walked around the store for awhile and then I asked her how they felt. She said one foot felt good and didn't hurt anymore but the other one still hurt. When we took off the skates I found the one with the Bunga Ankle Sleeve was the ankle that did not hurt and the other Mfg's Sleeve still hurt. I was impressed with her findings as she does nothing but complain.

I will keep you informed as the outcome of other skaters findings.
I have been the Head Athletic Trainer of the Anaheim Ducks since the 2005 season. I have used your Bunga Pads for a variety of reasons. They are very durable and a cost effective approach to relieving the painful condition called Lace Bite. I have at least 15 players that use them on a daily basis. We use the LaceBite Pad, the Malleolar Sleeve, and also the Achilles' Heel Pad. Not only do the players believe in the product’s ability to take away the discomfort from Lace Bite, it also is a way to increase the comfort they feel inside their skates. It would be hard to imagine getting through a season if your products weren’t available to us. Thank you for your continued support and outstanding customer service.
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