Bunga Spiral Stays™, Bunga Straps™, Universal Buttress, Patellar Opening
This universal wrap-around knee pad is made of 1/8 UBL plush material on one side and the otherside with neoprene. A patellar opening aligns the knee cap and provides comfort. A neoprene buttress has dynamic pull tabs for the user to adjust the pressure.

Product Description

The Bunga Skater's Kit™ includes (2) 2.5" gel discs, (2) 5in. Ankle gel sleeves and (1) translucent style BungaBox™.


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Patellar Opening

This Knee Support - Superior Tubular Crescent is designed to support your knee and includes an enclosed superior tubular crescent which supports and helps to keep your knee cap in place. It is constructed of 1/8" latex-free neoprene with nylon on both sidea. There is a patellar (knee cap) opening for positioning and comfort. There is also an enclosed tubular donut which surrounds the knee cap for stability.

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