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Product Description

These Bunga Gel Disks are made of Bunga BM Visco elastic gel. They will reduce shock, vibration, pressure and shear force. These are used by athletes and others over any part of the body where they wish to reduce these disturbing forces. Simply place the discs against the skin, underneath either socks or stockings. The natural stickiness of the gel will reduce the chance that the padding will move. These are washable and reusable, bacteria resistant and hypoallergenic. They are primarily used to break in new skating boots or other footwear in the sports of ice hockey, figure skating, rollerblading, rollerskating, sed skating and hiking boots.

Sizes Available

They come in pairs and are available in 2.5" and 4.0" diameters.

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This is part of the Bunga Skater's Kit. (SKIT). Also, consider the Malleolar Sleeve [MS] This product has two gels which are attached to a high tech sleeve which simultaneously protect both ankle bones.

Gel Padding Features BP

100% Medical Grade Quality :
Blister Free :
Bunga High-Tek Sleeving™ :
Bunga Silicone Gels™ :
Dermatologist Tested :
Hypo-allergenic :
Light weight, High Tech Elastic Sleeve :
Medical Grade BM Visco Elastic Gel™ :
Sizes Available :
Washable & Reusable :
I purchased the Bunga Pads and they've been a complete life saver!vWhen wearing the right kind of socks they don't even slip and I haven't had a blister since!
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