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Product Description

The Bunga Gel Ankle Sleeve™ is 3" wide either 5" or 10" length. Used to cushion and protect the entire ankle area from chafing, rubbing, and friction caused by stiff ice skating boots. This is a fantastic solution for all skaters, whether hockey, figure, roller or inline. 

Product Variations

This is also part of the Skater's Kit.

Quantity Per Package

Sold Individually.

Special Notes and Instructions

This product is designed to be worn around the ankle area. It is NOT recommended to pull the ankle sleeve over the heel or mid-foot as this will overstretch the material. If you need heel protection look at the Achilles' Healpad and the Boot Bumper Pad.

Gel Padding Features BP

100% Medical Grade Quality :
Blister Free :
Bunga High-Tek Sleeving™ :
Bunga Silicone Gels™ :
Dermatologist Tested :
Hypo-allergenic :
Light weight, High Tech Elastic Sleeve :
Medical Grade BM Visco Elastic Gel™ :
Sizes Available :
Washable & Reusable :
I just bought replacements. My previous pair lasted me over 7 years, but the smell was too permanent to wash out any longer. I strongly recommend the skaters kit, but... I don't know if the box helped them or hindered them in the long run from being put away wet more frequently than they should have been... I probably should have replaced them years ago... These new ones are sooooo nice and fluffy my ankles are excited to skate next week! :) (I know most people wear these to break in new boots, but honestly, it just keeps the friction off my ankles so I can skate twice and much without rubbing my ancles raw. - They are like the energizer bunny's battery for skating. IF YOU EVER EXPERIENCE ANKLE BLISTERS, SORES or CHAFING YOU NEED THESE. If you think they are an investment, you are right - they will keep you on the ice longer to get more quality practice in, you won't be on the bench adjusting laces and wasting your time and ice money!) ALSO - these will help extend the life of your boot keeping an amount of sweat away from the interior of the boot which I believe kept mine from breaking down... 7 years and strong (and I compete)... I am only now considering new skates... THANK YOU BUNGA!!!
The gel sleeve is a great product. I love my Bunga Pads. The Bungas are sometimes more expensive, but the name brand stuff in this industry works the best. I had the xxxxxxx brand sleeve before and after a few months, they just fell apart. After trying to take them back to the pro shop, they recommended Bungas. For only 2 dollars more, I didn't care. The Bungas were wayyyyy better. I've been skating in them for almost a year now. And they still look better than any other thing I seen on the market.
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