Bunga Pro Knee Brace - Multi-Position Hinge [AKS16M]

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Product Description

This Bunga Pro Knee Brace with Multi Position Hinge is designed using 3/16" latex-free neoprene with nylon on both sides. The brace is designed to be opened up and velcroed around the leg. This features also ease of application and avoids the difficulty associated with pulling on a brace. It is ideal for all ages. The multi-position hinge has 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° extension stops. Large and comfable popliteal area (Opening behind knee). An elastic, adjustable strap has been added to the back of the brace to prevent a tourniquet effect in the popliteal area. On the 13" version of the brace, further support is added by using two adjustable velcro brand 2" "loop and lock" straps immediately above and below the patellar opening.

Colors Available

This brace is available in a ready to ship Black color or choose from 12 Colors, American Flag Pattern or Camoflage.

Materials Available

This brace is also available is Bunga Cool Tech Material for those who have to wear their supports for a long period of time, or that have heat or allergy issues with neoprene. [AKS16CM].

Product Variations

The Bunga Pro Knee Brace (standard length) comes in different styles and options (1) covered multi-position hinges [AKS16M] Shown Here (2) high tech hinges [AKS16H] (3) low profile hinges [AKS16L] (4) medial and lateral spiral stays [AKS16S] (5) Light Duty, Stainless Steel Hinge with hyperextension stops (AKS16).

Additional Product Variations

For a longer and more supportive version of this family of braces see the 17" version called the Bunga Pro Knee Brace - 17" [AKS19]. This brace comes with four (4) total adjustable velcro brand 2" "loop and lock" straps are inclued. Two (2) are located immediately above and two (2) immediately below the patellar opening. These additional straps add even more support. The straps have an easy-open tabs and finger loops. The back of the brace is designed with a large opliteal opening for greater flexion and comfort.

Sizing Available

Note: For proper size, measure around the center of the knee with leg extended.

Suggested Insurance Billing Codes

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1810 - Absolute Athletics, LLC assumes no liability in the use of these codes. These codes are being provided as a convenience to our customers who wish to make a claim for possible reimbursement for the costs of this and other braces.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions you may have at 1 888-286-4272 in the US or 001-208-914-7140 around the world. Ask us a quick question about this product by selecting Direct Inquiry above.

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